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Hydroponics Gardening

 Take a closer look at hydroponics gardening especially if producing healthy vegetables all year round is something you've always dreamed of!

This soil less method of gardening produces crops faster and with a greater yield than the traditional method of growing outdoors in soil.

Hydroponics gardening allows you the ability to "control" mother nature. Providing the perfect amount of light, the ideal temperature, and just the right nutrients in perfect balance.

This adds up to producing perfect crops, providing that you have quality seeds from which to start.

Perfect crops that you can pick fresh even in the middle of the winter. How many people do you know that can do this! Living in the midwest area of the United States, the taste of a home-grown tomato is treasured for those short weeks at harvest time.

Hydroponics gardening gives you the pleasure of enjoying fresh, home-grown vegetables ALL YEAR. In fact, almost everything you grow outside in your garden, you can grow inside using this method. Herbs, houseplants, flowers.

What you need to get started:

  • Hydroponics system
  • Lighting system
  • Growing medium: To support the roots. Commonly used is rockwool and perlite.
  • Thermometer
  • pH control kit
  • Nutrients: Concentrated liquid, pre-mixed, or powder form.
  • Extension sockets
  • Timer & Timer control

Of course you'll need an area in which to set up the equipment. The ideal area being an extra room where you can control the light during the night while the plants are "sleeping".

If you don't have a room available to use, there are "grow rooms" that you can buy, however the cost can be more than setting up a room yourself.


Depending on the system you choose, the cost varies from under $100.00 to a few thousand dollars. Quite a wide price range, but each system has different features. You have to decide which system will work best for your particular needs.

  • Gravity Feed system: Good for growing one large plant. Sizes of the system vary.
  • Ebb & Flow system: Named for the way in which they work. "Flow" allowing the nutrients to flood the roots and "ebb" meaning to recede the flow of nutrients to allow oxygen to circulate. This system is most popular being easy to use, produces faster growth, and is very cost effective.
  • Drip systems: Allow each plant to receive different amounts of nutrients per individual supply lines. Helpful if you grow different plants that each require different amounts of nutrients.
  • Aeroponic system: Delivers nutrients to the plants through a "mist". More efficient than the other systems and yields a faster growth rate.

If you are new to hydroponics gardening, I suggest that you start with a complete kit that includes all the basic equipment, rather than buying everything individually. It may be cheaper too, depending on the type of components.

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