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How to Grow a Wildflower Garden

Wildflower gardening is the best way to have natural gardens, and almost care-free way to enhance the look of your landscape.

To have a successful wildflower garden you need to select plants that are native to the area in which you live.

One suggestion for doing this is to visit a local nature preserve. Nature preserves have an abundant supply of wildflowers growing with little to no help from people.

It is unlawful in most areas to pick or dig up these flowers, as many are protected species.

Most nature preserves have a center where they offer educational material or have displays that will identify the natural elements found there.

Many also have nature trails that include information along the walking paths.

When you venture out to find native wildflowers, be sure to take a garden notebook along.

Jot down the names, colors, and textures of the flowers that interest you. Also take note of the different flowers that are growing together.

Rock gardens are a perfect home to many wildflowers. Consider turning an unsightly area where grass doesn't grow, into a rock garden. More on Rock Gardens

Like wildflowers, choose rocks that are native to your area. These can be found at a local nursery. Choose rocks of varying sizes and shapes. Large rocks should be placed on the bottom, with the smaller rocks on top. The gaps should be filled in with soil, allowing the plants to root.

Wildflower gardening requires little maintenance.

Throughout the growing season, eliminate large weeds before they go to seed. Often it is difficult to distinguish a wildflower from a weed. Weeds tend to grow taller than the young flowers.

Fertilizing is not necessary.

At the end of the growing season allow the flowers to go to seed and then mow the area.


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