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Growing Superb Gardens and Plants

      Welcome to Garden Hobbies, a great place for you and your plants........

Gardening News:

Plant Problems.... For most  of us, our gardens are growing strong with a profusion of flowers, vegetables and fruits. However, when a problem occurs, panic understandably sets in. There's a frantic search for the cause and a quick fix. About Plant Problems and Diseases

Made in the Shade.... A shady yard doesn't mean a yard devoid of flowers and plants It means selecting and growing the right plants for a shady environment. Many plants thrive in low light conditions. Most popular among these are ferns and hostas. More on Shade Gardens.

Composting starts now.... and continues all season long. Correction: make that "all year" long. The best gardens are grown by gardeners who make their own compost. More on Composting.

Second Season Seeds - We use seeds all year long. Once the main crops have been planted, we all need seeds for succession planting, and later on, for cool weather, short maturity harvest.  Southern areas actually begin their second season in mid summer. Our sister site has seeds in stock all year long.

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Got lots of tomatoes? Sure you do!! Let the Roma Tomato Strainer and Sauce Maker takes the strain out of the task. Faster sauce processing leaves you more time to enjoy the late summer or fall weather. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with the tools that do the job right!   Buy a Tomato Strainer and Sauce Maker today.

Fall Planted Bulbs August brings to mind bulbs for fall planting. They are now arriving in the marketplace. The highest quality bulbs don't have to be the most expensive. Look for the largest bulbs, which produce the biggest spring blooms. Storage is important to bulb health. Avoid the "big box" stores, which don't properly store them, and offer lower, sometimes disappointing quality.

Harvest Time means canning and drying fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You worked hard to grow them. Now, you can prepare and store excess foods for later use.....kewl!

Pest Protection - Protect your garden, bushes and shrubs from foraging wildlife. Keep deer and bunnies from nibbling and snacking on your plants.

Homeowners love Arborvitae. Fast growing with little care, they are among the most popular of evergreens for both foundation plants and hedgerows. More on Arborvitaes.

Celebrate your Garden Hobby

There are many holiday and special days for gardener to celebrate their hobby. Among the August gardening holidays are:

August Garden Tips - from The Gardener's Network, where every day is a gardening day!

Major departments:

Canning Vegetables And Fruit
Guide through the process of canning vegetables and fruit. Includes canning supplies to use.

Flower Gardening
Help and advice for design, blending colors, and choosing plants for flower gardening.

Functional Garden Decor
See some creative ideas for making your garden decor functional.

Garden Tools
These essential garden tools will make gardening tasks much easier.

Herb Gardening
The many different uses for herb gardening including companion planting.

Hydroponics Gardening Produces Crops All Year.
Have a garden all year round with hydroponics gardening. Produces crops faster and with higher yields than vegetables sown outdoors in soil.

Indoor Gardening With Houseplants
Discover the benefits of indoor gardening and learn how to keep indoor plants healthy.

Landscaping On A Budget
Easy landscaping ideas and a landscape plan will help to save you money.

Organic Gardening
Help prevent illness and disease and protect your environment by organic gardening.

Rose Gardening
Growing roses is possible even in cold climates. See the different types and learn about rose gardening.

Shade Gardening
Choosing shade plants and other shade gardening ideas.

Starting Seed
Describes the benefits of starting seed indoors. Explains how to using a seed starter kit.

Young Trees And Shrubs.
What you should know about choosing, planting, and pruning young trees and shrubs.

Vegetable Gardening
Grow better crops using these tips and advice for vegetable gardening.

Water Gardening
Help and advice for water gardening. Choosing plants, fish and accessories. How to build a pond.

Wildflower Gardening
A natural and care-free way to enhance the look of your landscape is with wildflower gardening.

Big Pumpkins, Small Pumpkins 
We bet you love all pumpkins! So,let's grow some.

Tomato Mania
Gardeners are just crazy about tomatoes. Most gardens have a couple or even dozens.

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Make your own rich, garden!

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