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You've read up on organic gardening and its' benefits. As home gardeners, it is not hard to be convinced that organic produce is the way to feed yourself and your family.  

Organic gardening begins with seeds. To produce true organic vegetables and herbs, the seeds must be USDA Certified Organic. To qualify, the seed packet must have the "USDA Organic" logo on the package.

Surprisingly, only 10 - 15% of home gardeners use organic seeds. This is due primarily to two reasons. First, organic seeds cost a little more, as the process of organically producing seeds, is more costly. But, what is amazing, is how a small difference in price, can keep so any gardeners from growing organically. Second, not all seed manufacturers offer organic seeds, and there is a limited variety of organic seeds in the marketplace. It is largely a matter of supply and demand. If more of us insist on organic seed, then over time, we will find more variety in the market.

We strongly encourage all home gardeners to start on the road to organic gardening this year, by acquiring organic seeds. You won't see the difference. You won't taste the difference. But, you and your family will be a little healthier for it!


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