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organic, garden, seeds, tomato, tomatoes, USDA

organic, gardening, seeds

The benefits of ORGANIC GARDENING are many.

Studies have show that fruits and vegetables grown organically have a greater nutritional content. So what is the importance you may ask.

Providing our bodies with better nutrition can help to prevent illness and disease. It can also help to reduce allergies.

Look for the USDA Logo - Many gardening products state or claim to be"organic". However, it is not truly organic, unless the "USA Certified Certified Organic" logo is on the package.

True organic gardening begins with USDA Certified Seeds. These seeds have been grown under strict organic processes, as defined by the USDA. More on USDA Certified Organic garden seeds.

Organic soil, is where essential nutrients come from to feed plants. If the soil is depleted of these nutrients, the plants are depleted of these nutrients.

How can nutrients be added to the soil?

The best choice is to add compost that you make at home using natural ingredients. After all, organic gardening is about using natural sources.

To learn how to make compost from ingredients at home refer to the page on making compost.

It can take weeks before your home-made compost is ready to use, but it will be well worth the patience and effort.

If you do not have the quantity that you need, an alternative is to buy a natural, organic fertilizers.

To put into your soil EXACTLY what it needs, have a soil sample tested. After analysis, a fertilizer will be composed of exactly what you need. More on soil testing.

How can you control pests and prevent disease without using chemical products? Pests can be controlled and diseases prevented naturally in a number of ways.

Prevention is the key word for controlling plant disease. When you buy your plants, choose varieties that are disease resistant. You can build up your plants immunity to disease with natural fungicides.

Applying the time and effort to grow your garden naturally will reward you with foods rich in nutrients. GROW WITH IT!

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