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  These garden tools are essential for making your gardening tasks easier. It has been said that having the right tool for the job is important.

Basic garden tools and accessories that you will need include a rounded shovel for digging and moving dirt. They come with short or long handles. Both sizes are not necessary to have, however relevant to the project one may be more suitable for the task based on comfort and ease to use.

A spade has a straight blade and is used to edge borders, seperate perennials, work in compost and other soil ammendments.

A steel rake is needed for loosening and grading soil, and removing debris.

A hand trowel is ideal for digging small holes. It is used for planting seeds, flowers, vegetables and other small plants. I use this more often than any of my garden tools.

A garden hoe , having a long handle, is used for removing surface weeds while minimizing back strain. It is useful to use in large areas such as between rows of vegetables. There are other numerous types of hoes specifically used for certain tasks.

Another basic weeder has a notched end which works to loosen the soil around the base of the weeds root. This is great for removing dandelions.

Other garden tools used for cutting include hand pruners which are used for grooming your plants. Anvil pruners have one moving blade and bypass pruners have two moving blades. Which type you use is a matter of preference.

Loppers, having longer handles than pruners, are designed to be used with both hands allowing greater leverage and strength to cut through branches too thick for pruners.

Other handy garden tools to have include a wheelbarrel for hauling dirt, sand, and rocks and a sprayer for applying pesticides on trees, shrubs, and plants to control insects.

Lastly, and not often thought of as garden tools, are a garden hose and a watering can.

Other garden accessories to consider include garden gloves and a kneeling pad.

Remember that it is more beneficial in the long run to PURCHASE QUALITY TOOLS.

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