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Landscaping on a Budget

  Landscaping can be very costly, but there are ways for you to create a beautiful yard that won't dig too far in your pocket!


  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Plants
  • Lawn
  • Soil
  • Structures

Certain elements must be present to create harmony between these things. These elements consist of color, shape, texture, space, balance, and focal interest. With these things in mind it is best to begin by looking at your existing landscape.

Jot down the things that you like and dislike. Also make notes of problem areas such as the inability for grass to grow, un-shaped shrubs, over-abundance of weeds, etc.

This is where you'll start creating a landscape plan. Computer software can help to make this task much easier. You can see your plan in 3D with reasonably priced landscaping software.

Unless you have a brand new property, you most likely have some trees and shrubs that exist. If they are healthy, keep them! By pruning and re-shaping those in need, you'll see fantastic results. This is especially important if you have shrubs up against the house. They should be pruned back at least a foot to discourage pests that may cause damage to a home.

If you are going to be landscaping with NEW TREES and SHRUBS and want to keep your budget down, I suggest choosing young varieties. You'll be able to plant them yourself too, saving money from having to hire a professional.

Notice what structures exist. These may include arbors, walkways, fences, a patio, a storage shed, and other such things. Do you like what you see?

If the answer is no, here are some ideas for improving them.

  • Plant a flowering vine that will grow naturally on an arbor. This will add nice color.
  • If you want to cover an unsitely fence  climbing roses would be a good choice.
  • Walkways can be enhanced by using inexpensive solar lights and plantings along the path.
  • A patio or deck can be a warm, inviting area by adding outdoor furniture. To save money, shop around at flea markets where there's always some treasures at bargain prices. You can paint old furniture and add some colorful cushions for a quick fix. Or if you like to build things, consider putting an arbor or pergola over a sitting area. There are many helpful books for building outdoor structures.
  • Plant FLOWERING SHRUBS around an unsitely storage shed. You may also consider a new coat of paint and use color to add some interest!

More ideas for landscaping

If you have existing garden beds, shape them up! Rectangular and square shapes are well...SQUARE!

It won't cost any money and only time to change them. Edge out some curves. Of course this may take up a little lawn, but here's the benefit: Less lawn to cut and the sod you take up can be used for compost.

If your landscape is flat, consider building some berms. This will add natural structure and focal interest.

Artificial rocks are another way to add natural looking structure to your landscape. Being less costly and much lighter than real rocks, they can easily be changed to new locations. They are often used to enclose and hide unightly utility objects.  More Artificial Rocks

Create cozy nooks for sitting and relaxing. This can be as simple as adding a bench or a glide swing under an arbor or in a corner area. Surround the space with colorful plants and flowering vines.

For landscaping on a budget follow these guidelines:

  • Start small. Work on one task at a time.
  • Make the best use out of your existing structures.
  • Buy young trees and shrubs.
  • Buy collections of plants and flowers, blending different heights and colors. Collections are usually offered at a discount price and will save you money and time over selecting individual plants.
  • Most importantly when your working on a budget do the MOST YOU CAN utilizing your time. Such things as shaping garden beds, pruning shrubs, and building berms.

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