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  Garden decor is appealing to the eye, and if you choose the right pieces, it can be very functional, too.

Stepping stones placed throughout the garden definitely serve a purpose by allowing the freedom to move about and tend to plants without getting our shoes muddy. They can also help to deter weeds from growing.

If your yard or garden has a particular theme to it, there are many stepping stones that will probably fit right in.


Stepping stones can also be used as a pathway to a cozy nook with a bench or swing. They portray the sense of a warm welcome, much like a welcome mat does by the door.

Artificial rocks look very natural, but weigh less. They can be used to enhance the landscape by adding structure. They can also be used to hide unsightly electrical cords or pumps such as those used for a pool, spa, or water garden. More on Artificial Rocks.

Whirligigs are a great way to deter unwanted birds and critters from your garden. The motion as they move in the wind keeps unwanted guests away! There are many themed whirligigs that will fit right into any garden.

Sundials can function as a bird bath.

 Windchimes and Weathervanes speak for themselves. Know when that summer storm is moving in!

There are many more garden decor items that are beneficial. Outdoor lighting and outdoor furniture especially!

So, when you are choosing outdoor decor, think about the purpose of it. Does it fit into your garden theme? What functions will it serve? And of course the beauty and fun of it.

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