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Water Gardening

 Water gardening exhibits a great garden feature in the landscape.

Imagine the tranquility of a pond surrounded by lush greenery and stocked with interesting water plants and brightly colored fish.

Listen to the relaxing sound of a waterfall as the water gently recycles.

Feel a refreshing mist on a hot summer day as you relax close by.

Catch the moonlight, as it reflects off the water at night.

Experience this wonderful get-away in your own backyard with water gardening. If you do not have a pond, installing and creating a pond garden is not that difficult, especially with the kits available on the market.

Water Gardening Plants

Lotus: Rooted floaters that stem above the waters surface. Can be secured in pots placed on the ponds floor approximately 12" below the surface of the water. Lotus varieties abound with different colors and flower shapes.

Water Lilies: Also a rooted floater, come in hardy or tropical varieties. Hardy meaning zone 5 or higher and tropical meaning the water temperature is at least 70 degrees. Both varieties produce beautiful colors and uniquely shaped flowers. The flat leaves supporting the flowers float on the surface of the water. They are a favorite in many water gardens.

Water Clover: A free floating plant that doesn't require a pot to secure its root system. They tolerate some shade and provide great cover for fish. Water clover does not tolerate cold winters.

Water Iris: A hardy springtime plant that grows well in shallow water. Great as a backdrop since the stems are tall.

Accessories For Water Gardening

Water gardening bridges, both large and small, add elegance. If your pond is too small to support a walking bridge consider adding a small version just for looks. Decorate it with ceramic pieces such as frogs or gnomes. Larger ponds can benefit from a bridge. Not only by providing a means to walk across, but by making it easier to maintain the plants that grow in the center of the pond.

Adding a waterfall or a fountain , helps to promote a relaxing environment. They also provide a scenic way to recirculate the water in your pond. There are many choices available that will suit the unique style of your water garden.


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