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How to Grow Daffodils

Daffodils Flower

Bright and bold Daffodils, are among the first flowers of spring. Shortly after the snow has melted, daffodils burst into a wide range of colors, creating a sharp contrast to the still gray landscape of your early spring yard and flowerbeds. Daffodils are a member of the Narcissus family. They were originally found growing in the woods of Europe.

Daffodils are easy to grow. Pop a few bulbs into your flower bed in the fall, and Voila..... They awaken brightly in the spring! They can be placed almost anywhere. With the absence of leaves on the trees, daffodils show off around the base of barren trees, where little else will grow later in the summer.

Did you know? Squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents do not like the taste of the bulbs in the Narcissus family. The same can not be said of many other flowering bulbs.

Daffodils are popular as cut flowers in vases.


Plant Propagation:  

Daffodils are grown from bulbs. Select fresh, high quality bulbs. Before purchasing in a store, inspect them to be sure they have not dried out while sitting on the counter. Bulbs from mail order and internet companies are stored in ideal conditions until the proper planting time for your zone. As a result, they are in the best condition.

Tip: The larger the bulb, the bigger the plant and flower next spring.

Daffodils tolerate a little crowding. But, give them plenty of room to grow into big plants and flowers. Dig up bulbs after a couple of years. Separate and replant them.


How to Grow Daffodil

Plant Daffodil bulbs in the fall. Plant the bulbs about two to four weeks before the ground freezes to allow the roots to develop underground. Plant bulbs 6-8 inches deep. Space plants three to six inches apart.

Sprinkle a little bulb fertilizer in the hole during planting. For established beds, spread the fertilizer on top of the soil. You can work it in lightly, but be careful to avoid damaging the bulbs.

Native to woodland areas, Daffodils grow well in shade to full sun.

After they bloom in the spring, allow the plants to grow until they die off naturally. They need this extra growing time, to store energy in the bulbs for next year. To remove the dead plant, either snip them off at the base, or twist the leaves while pulling lightly.

Daffodils are great for forcing bulbs to bloom indoors.


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