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How to Grow Amaryllis


By far the most popular way that gardeners grow Amaryllis, is by forcing the bulbs to grow and bloom indoors over the winter. Growing them indoors produces big, bright blooms, adding color and cheerfulness during the long, grey winter months. It's easy to grow and care for Amaryllis, indoors or out.

Amaryllis are grown outdoors, too. In frost free areas, they can be left in the ground year round. For other areas, the bulbs need to be pulled up before winter and stored until spring.


How to Grow Amaryllis:

Plant bulbs with the upper third above ground in good, rich potting soil. The plant and bloom grows big. Place a single bulb into a six inch or larger pot. Use containers slightly bigger than the circumference of the bulb. They do not need a lot of soil and growing space indoors. Like other bulbs, the energy they need to produce their bloom is stored in the bulb from last year's growth.

Amaryllis prefers full sunlight. Indoors, keep  them in or near a sunny window.

If you plan on keeping the bulb for future years, apply a light dose of fertilizer once or twice, especially after blooming. The fertilizer helps the plant store food for next year. Without good growth, it will not produce big, bright blooms next year.

Let the plant leaves die back naturally. Then, cut the plant off as ground level.

When growing outdoors, Amaryllis bulbs look great singly, or in groups of two to three plants.


Propagation of Amaryllis Plants:

With a little care, your Amaryllis will last for years. Like other bulbs, the plant needs time to grow and store energy in the bulb for next season. New plants are propagated by separating bulbs, or from new seeds.

You can promote new seed growth. When the flower blooms, gently hand pollinate the flower. After the plant dies off, you can harvest the seed head. Open the seeds and allow to dry thoroughly before storing them.




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