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How to Grow Parsley Herb Plants

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Are you a beginner gardener? It's very easy to grow parsley. Parsley plants are at home in the herb garden, the vegetable garden, or a flowerbed. It requires little space, so most gardeners can grow it. It is also a hardy plant, and will grow well into the fall months. Parsley plants are biennials. In cold weather climates, most gardeners grow it as an annual

Parsley leaves have a mild flavor. It is used in a wide variety of recipes for flavor, and to add color to dishes. It is a decorative garnish on salads, vegetable and meat trays, and served on dinner plates.

Parsley makes a good indoor houseplant. Try growing this herb in a sunny window and enjoy it fresh all winter.

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How to Grow Parsley:

Parsley plants are grown from seeds. Seeds can be directly sown into the garden. Sow seeds thinly. The seeds are so fine you can sow on top of the soil and just water them in.

Seeds can be a little difficult to germinate. We suggest you sow these tiny seeds indoors, for transplanting outdoors. Try using a germination mat. Germination can take two weeks. They transplant easily.

Parsley prefers full sun to partial shade. Soil should be rich. But, this easy to grow herb, tolerates poor soil and poor drainage.

Established plants will grow slowly. They require little care or maintenance. Weed regularly. Apply mulch to keep the weeds down.

Parsley is very hardy. Parsley that has wintered over in your garden will begin their growth with the first rays of sun in the spring . New growth begins shortly after the snow has melted. You will be harvesting the leaves late into the fall.

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Harvesting Parsley:

Begin to pick parsley as soon as the leaves begin to curl and are of sufficient size for your recipe, or for use as a garnish. For best flavor of this mild herb, pick early in the day when the oils are the strongest. More information on harvesting and drying herbs

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Insects and Pests:

Aphids  can be an occasional problem. Disease problems are infrequent.

Because parsley is a leaf plant, we recommend avoiding chemical sprays. If infestations occur, try an organic repellent. Read insecticide and repellent labels carefully prior to use.

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Other Uses:

Ancient Romans used sprigs of parsley as garlands on their crowns.

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