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How to Grow Chives Herb

Tree Branch

Perennial, Allium Shoenoprasum

With an onion-like flavor, gardeners grow Chives effortlessly. Established plants grow in clumps, and will produce for years. Chive plants begin to grow as early as the ground thaws in the spring, delivering the first herbs of the season. Chives are native to Siberia and Southeast Asia. Chives are high in vitamin C.

Chives have a mild, onion-like flavor. There is also a garlic chive variety, with a stronger garlic flavor.

Chives belong to the onion family. Plants produce narrow, tubular leaves that are delicious snipped fresh into any dish where onions are used.  If you don't harvest the plants, they will produce pretty lavender blooms.Garlic Chives produce white blooms. Hardy plants need little care, indoors or out.

Chives are at home in herb gardens, flower beds, or ni containers. They make great indoor houseplants during winter months.

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How to Grow Chives:

Grow Chives in full sun to partial shade. They grow in almost any soil. Soil should drain well. They will tolerate dry soil, but flavor may be affected.

Start Chives from seed. They look their best planted in clumps. This makes them easier to harvest.

If you grow chives indoors during the winter, you can transplant them into your garden as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring.

Apply fertilizer to plants in the spring.  For indoor plants, use a liquid fertilizer or fertilizer spikes once every four to six weeks.

Water plants during dry periods.

Mulching around plants is important to keep weeds down. If weeds get into the clump, it is hard to separate them from the plants.

Established plants can be propagated by division of clumps.

Plants grow just 6-10 inches, and should be harvested regularly.

Harvest Chives as needed. Cut plants back if they get to six inches. This will promote tender, new growth. Chives can be dried or frozen.  How to harvest and dry herbs.

Tree Branch

Uses for Chives:

Chives are popular in a wide variety of recipes. Try chives in salads, soups, in tuna fish, baked potatoes with sour cream, cream cheese(on bagels), mexican dishes, and any place where you would use onions.

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