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Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

Every fall, nature paints the landscape with brilliant colors. Warm sunny days, and increasingly cooler and longer nights is the signals  to trees to stop producing chlorophyll. The leaves slowly lose their green color. A wide range of reds, yellows, orange and scarlets in many hues replace the green color. When this happens, it's time of go "Leafing".

Millions of Americans take to the woods every fall to go "Leafing" or Leaf Peeping", as it's commonly called. Timing is important. The period of peak color is a little different each year, depending upon the local weather conditions.

Gardener's: don't discard those leaves in the trash. They contain lots of nutrients to replenish your garden soil.

Fall Foliage Reports

Northern states post fall foliage reports. It helps you to time your leaf peeping trip, to see the leaves at their peak brilliance.

More Information:

Why Leaves Change Colors Understandable detail, great for school reports.

A favorite Fall pastime is planting fall bulbs. These bulbs turn into the first blooms of spring, brightening up and chasing away the dull, grey winter scenery. More on Bulbs

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