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Weather Problems Affecting Plants

Tree Branch

Weather plays a major role in the healthy growth and development of your plants. Spectacular weather helps to produce spectacular crops. Poor weather can produce disastrous results. How often have you seen ideal growing conditions for your plants? I thought so.

You can't do anything to change what Mother Nature sends your way. Most rain dances just don't work. However, there's good news. There are many things you can do to mitigate the affects of extreme and adverse weather conditions. How? Read on.......................... 

Tree Branch

Here's some ideas for what you can do about the weather, and it's affect on your favorite plants:

Too Hot- Some plants just love the heat. Others, prefer cooler climates and wilt in the mid summer sun. Plant misters are commonly used in areas where it gets a bit too hot for some of your favorite plants. Off to work during the day? You can buy a mister with a  timer.

Too Cold- Spring and fall brings the challenge of protecting your plants from a visit by Jack Frost. But, cold weather in the thirties can stunt your plant's growth, even if frost does not hit.  

Looking for a way to protect your plants from frost and cold? Enter the the world of Season Extenders.

Too wet- All plants need ample amounts of rain. Trouble is, sometimes Mother Nature brings too much rain all at once. Wet, soggy, and flooded gardens spell disaster for your garden dreams. The problem can be many times worse in low areas, in heavy soils, and in areas of poor drainage. The fix is to improve drainage. We suggest raised beds or raising the soil level of your garden. A little advance planning goes along ways here.

Too dry- This is a problem that gardeners and homeowners are most familiar with. Most gardeners agree that if the weather has to be extreme, let it be too dry. Why? It's easiest to remedy.......just add water.  

Too Windy- Strong winds can tear leaves.  Wind can break the stems right off the main branch or vine. If this is a problem with your garden, a wind break is in your future. Try a fence or a hedgerow.

Too Much Sun- Extreme, intense sunlight is a problem when coupled with too much heat in hotter, more southerly regions of the country. Shade covers are commercially available. They are made of a mesh material that cuts down the percentage of sunlight. They are available in a a range of percentages of shade protection.

Too Much Shade- This is a problem for many homeowners who enjoy the pleasure of a wooded lot, yet want to enjoy the rewards of gardening. There are two strategies to try. First, you can remove bushes, and trees that shade your garden. If that can't be done, turn to Plan B. Look for plants that grow in the shade. There is no shortage.

More on Shade Gardening

Tree Branch



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