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Creating and Maintaining a Shade Garden

Tree Branch

Many homeowners prefer a wooded back yard. It's a cool spot, out of the summer sun. It's a place to hang the hammock for a mid-summer snooze. And, its's a natural habit for birds and other animals.

Homeowners with wooded backyards often desire to fill them with flowers and plants. We look to create a yard, or a flowerbed, filled with beautiful and attractive plants, including flowering plants. Enter the world of shade gardens. Plant choices are quite different from those sun loving plants you are used to. You may not be able to grow roses in the shade. But, there is no shortage of plant selections to help you to create and maintain a great shade garden. And, shade gardens are low maintenance.

The first step in creating a shade garden is to forget about those sun loving flowers you've come to know and love. Attempting to adapt them to partial or full shade, is an exercise in futility. Nature created an enormous range of plants that will just love your wooded back yard, or the northern side of your house.

When you think about shade loving plants, you think about the abundance of plants growing wild in the woods and forests. They grow and thrive with absolutely no attention or care. Once you've created your shade garden it will be virtually maintenance free. That will free up more of your time for other tasks, or extra leisure time!

Tree Branch

Types of Shade Lovers:

Many shade plants are known and grown for their attractive foliage. There are plenty of flowering plants to choose from, too. Shade loving plants include ferns, flowers, flowering bulbs, bushes, and shrubs.

Houseplants are good candidates for partial to fully shaded areas. They are already accustomed to low light levels. In the spring, transplant them into their summer home in a partially shaded area of your yard. Note, houseplants may not do well in full or heavy shade. 

Types of shade plants  

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Shade Garden Habitat:

It takes more than low light and shade to create your new garden. Shade dwelling plants are most often found in wooded areas. The natural environment for these plants usually includes a rich, moist soil. Often, the soil around your home is less than ideal for these plants to thrive.

Creating a shade garden environment

Tree Branch

Tree Branch

Find Shade Lovers:

Shade Loving Plants, Ferns and Bulbs


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