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We love tomatoes. They are a big part of our vegetable garden. Almost all gardeners grow at least one or two tomato plants. Most of us grow dozens of plants, and several varieties. Why? Because they are easy to grow, you harvest a big crop, and most people love tomatoes. There is nothing better than the fresh taste of a tomato picked fresh from the garden. Often, a fresh picked tomato is so ir-resistable, it doesn't make it to the house.

Your first decision is whether to grow them from seed, or to buy seedlings from a garden store. If you don't have a lot of time, buying them from the store will do. But, it's a lot of fun to start them indoors yourself, and watch them grow. It may take a couple seasons to get the knack of growing tomatoes indoors. But, it's well worth the effort. If this is our first time starting tomatoes indoors, we will tell you the biggest tip.....give them plenty of light. We recommend using a grow light at night, in addition to providing as much sunlight during the day as possible.

Find more information on starting indoor transplants.


Tomatoes are tender annuals. A frost will kill them. Cold weather will often stunt them. So, it's vital to wait until the last frost date for your area before transplanting them outdoors. Some people will plant them a little early, then cover the seedlings with hotkaps. Tomato growers should always have hotkaps handy. Hotkaps are useful to protect your young plants against unexpected cold or frosty spring nights. This can extend your season a couple of weeks.

Some anxious tomato growers (like me), use a product called a Frost Jacket (aka Wall O'Water).We use a few Frost Jackets, sometimes called garden teepees, to get a one to two month start on the season. That way we are eating tomatoes long before our jealous neighbors.  

Varieties of Tomatoes

What is your favorite type of tomato? There is a wide range of varieties. Most growers plant a few different varieties for flavor, use,and to elongate the harvest.

How to grow

Sure, tomatoes are easy to grow. Find out how easy.We've been growing them for decades. We hope you learn a tip or two from us.

Staking Tomato Plants

For healthier, more productive plants. Keeps fruit off the ground. 

Tomato Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your tomatoes, we can help. Maybe it's just the fertilizer. Maybe, it's how you water. Or, it could be plant disease ....ugh!

Harvesting and Storage

Let the fun begin! ... harvesting and storage tips, methods of use, and more.

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