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How to Grow Spinach

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More and more gardeners grow spinach. Spinach is a fast, easy to grow leafy vegetable  These greens require little garden space. The best time to grow Spinach plants is in the cooler weather of spring and fall. They do not grow well in mid-summer's heat and humidity. Make a couple of plantings to spread out the harvest.  

Spinach is nutritious, loaded with vitamins and minerals. And, it's a tasty treat fresh or cooked in recipes. Mix generous amounts of spinach in salads, or make a salad of just spinach greens.

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How to Grow Spinach:

Grow Spinach in full sun to partial shade. They will grow in rich to average soils.

Spinach plants are a hardy, cool weather plant that will withstand light frosts. Plant as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. Spinach seeds are large enough to easily work with. Sow seeds 1/2" to 1" apart. Cover very lightly, 1/4" deep, with garden soil.  Plants will tolerate a little crowding. Space rows 18" apart. Try double rows.

Fertilize when planting seeds and about two weeks later.

Provide ample amounts of water to keep soil moist.

Weed around plants early and often.

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Harvesting Spinach:

Days to Maturity: 45 to 50 days. Spinach can be harvested over a couple of weeks.

Harvest leaves as soon as they are big enough to pick.


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Insects, Pests, and Disease:

Aphids and other insects can be a problem. Try insecticidal soaps and other organic sprays. We do not recommend chemical insecticides for leafy vegetables.

Rabbits like spinach. A rabbit fence may be needed.

Spinach is fairly resistant to most plant diseases. It will wilt and rot in hot, humid weather.

Spinach plants bolts, or go to the seed stage, in hot weather.

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