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We love 'em all......Big pumpkins, small pumpkins, matter of facts all pumpkins. Yessireee, Bob . We've never met a pumpkin we didn't like. We suspect you are a pumpkin lover, too.  Everybody loves 'em. The only reason some gardeners don't grow them, is that they require a lot of space.

When it comes to the hobby of gardening, there is something fascinating about pumpkins. There is no garden fruit or vegetable  quite like it. Watching a pumpkin grow and turn orange, is a pleasure enjoyed by gardeners young and old. When they ripen in the fall, the real fun begins. Pumpkins are used in decorating. They are a part of many Halloween games. They are a symbol of Halloween. And, there are recipes galore. 

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Types of pumpkins

We've got really good news, here. There are all sorts of pumpkins. There's a pumpkin for everyone.

Miniature pumpkins- The most popular ones are called Jack B Little. They are orange and deeply ribbed. They fit in the palm of your hand, and are great for decorating.  There are also white miniature pumpkins, sometimes called "Peekaboo".

Jack O'Lanterns- also called field pumpkins.These are typically the kind you carve for Halloween. There are many varieties within this group to choose from. What are you looking for? Thick or thin walled? Tall or round? Fat or thin stem? Read the packet description before you buy to get just the right kind.

Giant  Pumpkins- For the past couple of decades, giant pumpkin growers have produced bigger and bigger pumpkins. At one time, people did no think they could grow to a thousand pounds. Confident growers knew better, and smashed that record. Then, the race was on to grow the first one ton pumpkin. That happened just a few years ago.The current world record is  2,032 pounds, grown by Tim Mathison. On October 11, 2013, Tim brought his world record pumpkin to the Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park Weigh-off . See the world record pumpkin.

Pie Pumpkins- If you are going to use fresh pumpkins cooking or baking, there's plenty of recipes. And, this "pie pumpkin" variety is the best for baking. The pulp of this fruit is a very fine, smooth texture. You can use other varieties, but wen it comes to baking,this is the best.

Others- There is no shortage, when it comes to pumpkin varieties. If you haven't found just the right pumpkin for you, how about a red pumpkin? The most popular one is "Rogue D'Etant. Maybe you prefer a blue or a greenish grey color.

 Also see Varieties of Pumpkins

How to Grow- ready to grow big, pumpkins!?! Then, check out this page.

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