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How to Grow Okra

Okra Plants

Southern gardeners know how to grow Okra. Do you? If you are from more northerly climates, you may not even know what Okra is. You can grow it up north. too.

Okra plants produce a profusion of flowers. It's the immature Okra seed pod that gardeners harvest. It's used in Cajun dishes,  gumbos, soups, and Jambalaya! It can also be cooked by itself as a vegetable for the dinner table.

Tree Branch

How to Grow Okra:

Grow Okra  plants in full sun. They prefer a rich to average soil, with plenty of moisture. They thrive in hot weather.

Plant Okra after all danger of frost, and after the soil has warmed. Sow Okra seeds directly into the garden, 1/2 inch deep. Space seeds 7 to 8 inches apart, in rows 2 feet apart. Thin seedlings to 12 to 18 inches apart.

Okra is quick growing in hot weather. It loves the heat more than most vegetables.

Plants grow their fastest when fertilized regularly, every 2-3 weeks. Water thoroughly and regularly, too.

Okra is susceptible to frost. Pod production diminishes in cool weather.

Okra Flower Bud

Harvesting Okra Pods:

Maturity: 50-60 days.

Harvest Okra when the pods are young and tender, about three to four inches long. They get hard and stringy quickly. Pick the pods regularly, as often as every other day. Frequent harvesting encourages the plant to produce more flowers and pods.

Okra Flower

Insects, Pests, and Disease:

Aphids and other insects enjoy sucking on the juices of the plants. Insect control is important for a bountiful harvest.

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More Information:

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