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How to Grow Shallots Plant

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Shallots are a favorite in gourmet cooking. They are a member of the onion family. Shallots have a mild onion and garlic flavor. The plant produces cloves, like garlic.

The French Shallot, also called "Grey Shallot", is the most popular,  They are considered the "True" shallot by gourmet chefs.

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Varieties of Shallots:

  • French Shallot, or Grey Shallot

  • Banana Shallot

  • Dutch Shallot

  • Frog Shallot

  • Red Shallot

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How to Grow Shallot Plants:

Growing Shallots is easy. The plant takes very little space. Plant and grow shallots the same way you grow garlic or onions.

Shallots grow in average, well drained soil. Mix organic matter into the soil prior to planting, for best results. In poor soils, also mix in a general purpose fertilizer.  

Shallots prefer moist to slightly dry soil.

Fall is the ideal time to plant shallot bulbs. They can also be planted in the Spring.

Plant cloves 6"-8" apart, sowing them just below the surface, with the pointed end up.

Add a layer of mulch, to retain soil moisture, and help keep weeds down. For best results, remove competing weeds on a regular basis. 

Water plants when the soil begins to dry out. Add a general purpose fertilizer about a month after planting.

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Harvesting Shallot Bulbs

Dig up shallots after the plant leaves have yellowed or fallen over. Rinse off dirt and allow to dry in the open air for a few days. Cut the tops off the shallots, and cut off the roots. Allow the cuts to air dry for two or three more days.

Store bulbs in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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Insects and Disease:

Shallots are resistant to most insect problems. Root maggots can attack the bulbs. Tiny thrips are an occasional problem. Insecticidal soap sprays or sevin are very effective.

Shallots experience few disease problems. Wet, and humid weather can increase the likelihood of disease.  Bulbs can rot in wet soils.

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