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How to Grow Popcorn Plants, Drying Popcorn

Corn is among the most popular home-grown vegetables. The vast majority of homegrown corn, is sweet corn. Are you ready to have a little gardening fun!? For a real, late fall treat, try growing popcorn.

Ready to get started!? First, you need popcorn seeds. It is a special variety of corn seed. You also need to know how to grow popcorn....... that's why you are reading this page. Finally, you need to know how to dry popcorn for popping.

Are you ready to give growing Popcorn a try? Read on!!!!

How to Grow Popcorn Plants:

It all starts with the right seed. Regular sweet corn seeds will not do. You need Popcorn seeds to grow corn for popping.

There isn't many popcorn seed varieties on the market. One of the best, is the Japanese Hulless Popcorn. There is also an interesting "Strawberry Popcorn", In addition to using it for making popcorn, leftover ears of Strawberry Popcorn are great for fall decorating.

Growing popcorn plants, from planting to harvest, is basically the same as growing sweet corn.

Review how to grow corn and popcorn.

Drying Corn for Popping:

Leave ears of Popcorn on the plant for as long as possible. If the weather allows, leave them in the field until the husks are dry and papery.

There are two drying methods:

1. Hang Ears to Dry: Pull the husks back from the ears, to expose the popcorn kernels. Hang ears in a cool, dry place for at least 3-4 weeks. Before putting them away, remove a few kernels, and see if they pop properly. If not, they are not yet dry.

2. Slow dry in the oven: Heat oven to 200 degrees. Pull back and remove the husks. Place ears in a single layer on a baking sheet. Put them in the oven overnight, leaving the door ajar. Leaving the door ajar is important, to allow moisture to escape, and so it doesn't get too hot. Remove from the oven, and hang ears in a cool, dry place for 1-2 weeks. Try popping a few kernels before storing them, to assure they are dry.

Storing Popcorn Kernels

Dried kernels can be stored on the cob, or you can remove them from the cob for storage. To remove them for the cob, rub two dried ears against each other.

Put kernels in an airtight, zip lock bag, jar or plastic container. Store on the shelf , or in the refrigerator.

Garden Corn Recipes:

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