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How to Grow Garlic

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Garlic is very easy to grow vegetable. Grown for it's tasty bulb, Garlic requires hardly any garden space. It takes up little space in the garden. Don't have room for a vegetable garden? That's okay. Just grow a few garlic in the herb or flower garden. You can also grow garlic bulbs in containers on your patio or deck, too.

Garlic is used around the world to spice up a wide array of recipes. In addition to it's culinary value, it also has medicinal uses. Garlic is believed to lower blood cholesterol and help to fight colds.  Garlic's strengths do not stop here. It is also believed to ward off vampires............

There varieties include a regular and a elephant variety. You guessed it. the Elephant variety produces a much larger bulb. There are both white an purple bulbs.

While garlic is most often used to spice up recipes, cooked garlic can also be eaten by itself, or spread onto breads.

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How to Grow Garlic:

Garlic grows well in full sun to partial shade. They will grow in a variety of soils. They prefer cool to warm weather. Mix in compost prior to planting in average soils. As a hardy bulb, they will tolerate occasional wet soil, as long as it is not for long periods of time.

Plant Garlic cloves in the fall. Like other bulb plants, they develop their root system during the winter months. They may even being to grow a couple of inches prior to the start of freezing and snowy weather.

Apply a general purpose fertilizer every 3-4 weeks. Keep soil most. Garlic needs plenty of moisture, but will not readily wilt in dry weather.

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Harvest and Storage:

You can begin to pick garlic for use fresh, as soon as the bulbs are big enough to use. Fresh from the garden, garlic is much stronger than found in stores.

Harvest the crop when the tops have fallen over and dried. Let them dry in the sun for a couple weeks.  Cover or bring bulbs inside when rain is in the forecast. Also cover them at night, to keep dew off the bulbs. Wipe dirt off the bulb.

You can cut off the stems, or braid them together and hang braided garlic.

Store garlic bulbs in a cool, dry place. Properly stored, it will keep over the winter months.

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Insects, Pests, and Disease:

Most insects avoid garlic. Root maggots can be an occasional problem.

Garlic is used as an organic insect repellent.

Garlic diseases are uncommon.

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