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General Plant Disease Treatment

Tree Branch

There are many types of plant disease. As home gardeners, we often do not know how to identify the specific disease. Even experienced gardeners have problems identifying specific plant diseases. Identifying the particular problem will allow you to apply the most appropriate treatment. Until you identify the specific disease, don't delay treating the problem in some way. Will your efforts save your plants? We hope so, but we don't know for certain. What we do know, is that doing nothing about it definitely will not help. 

Tree Branch

Listed below are a number of things you can do to fight many kinds of plant diseases:

  • Remove affected leaves and branches. Sometimes,removing a few affected leaves or branches will cure the problem. It will also encourage the plant to produce new, healthy leaves. 
  • Remove affected plants. If just a few plants are affected, remove them so the disease is less likely so spread to the remaining plants.
  • Thin plants to improve air circulation. It leaves less places for disease to harbor, and lets in air and light.
  • Apply a dose of liquid fertilizer to provide nutrient to plants, giving them more strength to fight off the disease.
  • Apply a fungicide....if you suspect it is a fungus, mold, or mildew problem.
  • Seek to provide optimal plant growing conditions. This will help the plant to focus upon fighting off, and overcoming the disease.
  • Keep the leaves dry. Many plant disease thrive in wet or humid conditions. Apply water directly to the roots.
  • Next year, rotate your crops to minimize new diseases.

Tree Branch



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