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Garden Pest Control

Tree Branch

You love all of the plants in your garden. Chances are, there are lots of critters and pests who love them, too. Controlling garden pests is a chore every gardener faces...and overcomes.

Tree Branch

Pest Control Methods:

There are a variety of ways to keep animals out of your garden.........

Pest Netting- It's very effective against birds. Pest netting makes good fencing to deter rabbits, deer, and some other animals. Some insects are very large and can be kept out of a small garden protected by 1/4" netting. The best examples of these are Locusts and Cicadas. Other fine mesh netting will keep even small insects out of your plants.

Fencing- Properly installed, it keeps rabbits, deer and other grazing pests out of the garden. For rabbits, it must reach tightly to the ground to keep them from getting under the fencing. It is not effective against birds, climbing animals, or burrowing pests.

Trapping- Check you local laws first. This is effective in many cases. Disposal of the trapped animals may be an issue.

Hunting- Check your local laws first. This is often impractical for home gardeners. For others, they'd never want to shoot Bambi. However, if you are a hunter and your garden is in a rural area, you may be able to rid your garden of undesirable animals in this manner. 

Repellents- This can be an effective deterrent.  Fox urine works on animals where foxes are a natural predator. Pepper sprays makes your plants taste and smell bad, and can be effective against rabbits, squirrel and deer. It must be applied frequently and after heavy rains. Caution: Read the label before using on plants you will eat.

Noise-  Many people hang aluminum pie pans in Cherry trees. They blow in th breeze and bang against branches. It scares birds away. Taped recordings of the sounds of natural predators will deter many birds, too. A radio in the garden at night can keep deer away. It works well if the noise doesn't bother your neighbors.

Poison Baits- Check your local laws first. It's usually okay to use poison baits on mice, moles, and rats. But, it's not okay for other animals. Use caution when used in vegetable and herb gardens. Avoid getting the poisons on or into your soil.

Tree Branch


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