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About Garden Greenhouses

Garden Greenhouses are the perfect home for you- - the garden enthusiast, and your plants. It's far more than a place to start seeds in the spring.

Why wait for spring to arrive, when you can begin gardening weeks and months earlier? Why throw in the garden trowel in the fall, when you can be harvesting flowers and vegetables long after Jack Frost has paid you a visit?

Are you a real gardener? Then, a greenhouse is just right for you!

Garden greenhouses come in every shape, size,  ....and price range. Whether you take gardening casually, or very seriously, there is a greenhouse just right for you. There are styles you can put on your balcony or deck, too.

So, let's get on to exploring greenhouses,  so you can select your new garden home!


Here are just some of the many benefits of a greenhouse:

  • Frost/freeze protection - Just having a greenhouse extends the season. You can extend the season even longer with a greenhouse heater.

  • Wind protection- Young seedlings and fragile plants.

  • A winter home - Southern climates find a greenhouse is a perfect winter home for plants that need warmer temperatures.

  • Save money-  spring and fall crops of flowers, vegetables and herbs, save money when store prices are higher.

  • Pollination control- great for plant breeders and enthusiasts.

  • Loads of fun - If you are an avid gardener, a greenhouse is a toy that increases your gardening fun.

  • Keeps out animals- no more bunnies and deer munching on your favorite flower or vegetable.

  • Keeps out insects- keeping the greenhouse closed will keep out harmful insects like squash vine borers. But note, it can also harbor insects that may sneak in while the greenhouse is left open.

Types of Greenhouses:

Raised Bed Garden Greenhouse: These greenhouses can be placed right in the garden. Smaller models can be placed on balconies and decks, making gardening available to everyone! Raised bed greenhouses consist of a raised bed frame, and a cover system which can be easily removed for storage. The cover system has a plastic, frost protective cover. It's the perfect solution for gardeners who want to extend the season longer in both the spring and fall. Raised Bed Garden systems are attractive, long lasting, and affordable. Pest screens and insect screens are an available option. Organic gardeners find the pest screens hard to resist.

Small Hobby Polyethylene Greenhouse: The common characteristics of this greenhouse type is that they are small, collapsible for off-season storage, and have a plastic (polyethylene) cover. The covers are usually UV resistant. Some small hobby greenhouses are actually big enough to walk inside. They extend the season spring and fall. These units are designed to assemble quickly, and collapses easily for off season storage. They need to be anchored down, and some wind protection is helpful. The downside to these is that the covers can be damaged by garden tools, falling branches, balls and toys, etc. Polyethylene covers need to be replaced after a number of years. Popular models include Rion, Juliana, and Flowerhouse.

Large, Permanent Hobby Greenhouse: These large, walk in greenhouses are permanent fixtures in your yard. You'll enjoy working in them, and even sitting in them just watching your plants grow. They are usually anchored to the ground with a greenhouse base, or a concrete foundation. Building permits will likely be required prior to installation. The walls are usually made of of hard polycarbonate or glass, and may be clear or opaque. They are for the serious gardener who needs plenty of "room to grow". Just about every gardener dreams of having one of these beauties in their yard. When selecting a large greenhouse, look for quality so the unit will last a lifetime. We also recommend when in doubt, to select a large size that has room to grow. It's not likely that you will buy another one anytime soon.  Popular models include Rion greenhouses and Juliana greenhouses.


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