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Liquid Fertilizers and Foliar Feeding

Tree Branch

Liquid Fertilizers are a popular fertilization method.

Liquid fertilizer gives your plant a quick boost. Because it is in liquid form, liquid fertilizer is immediately picked up, and used by your plants. It can be sprayed on the leaves, poured directly to root systems, and included in the water supply for drip or other underground irrigation systems.

Liquid fertilizers have almost no downside. They include all the chemicals needed for good growth, including micro-nutrients. In addition, because they are in a water soluble state, they can easily be absorbed by the plant.

One limitation is that it quickly leaches through the soil, and must be applied frequently.

Another important point is you should not rely exclusively on liquid fertilizer. You could become a slave to your garden, applying liquid fertilizer frequently.  Nothing beats a rich garden soil, supplemented with compost and manure. In the off season, set a goal to improve your soil in both the fall and the spring.

Popular organic liquid fertilizers include liquid fish fertilizers and liquid seaweed fertilizers. They are packed with natural nutrients, micro nutrients and minerals fro your plants. In liquid form, they are readily available to be taken up by your plants. Neptune's Harvest is a common and popular brand.  

Foliar Feeding

Plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves. Foliar feeding is the simple, and effective way to feed your plants. Use a liquid fertilizer and spray leaves and vines. Make sure to follow the directions on the fertilizer container. Do not use too much fertilizer, and mix thoroughly. Too much fertilizer can burn the leaves. Regular weekly, or more frequent applications will result in healthier, greener leaves.

More on Fertilizers and Micro-nutrients

Tree Branch


For more on composting, see Composting and Mulch at The Gardener's Network.


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