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Hybrid Garden Plants and Seeds 

Tree Branch

Hybrid garden plants and seeds are quite common in the marketplace for home garden use. A hybrid plant or seed, is a cross between two or more unrelated inbred plants. The two different varieties are cross bred, resulting in a seed that carries one or more favorable traits.

Hybrid seeds are commonplace in commercial farming, especially to increase crop yields. The many cherished varieties of beautiful, sweet scented hybrid tea roses, is a good example of the quality and benefits of hybrid plants. Another example popular in the home garden, is a wide range of hybrid sweet corn, that offers enhanced taste and sweetness. The popularity of Hybrids for home garden use, has many strong opponents, as well as many proponents. While hybrid seeds can offer some great advantages, home gardeners sometimes shun hybrid seeds, because they confuse them with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds.

Hybrid seeds are created by natural cross breeding of varieties. It IS NOT genetically engineered seeds. See GMO Seeds. Hybrid seeds are created by a controlled cross pollination process.

An F1 hybrid, are seeds from the first cross of two unrelated, open-pollinated plants.

Yes,  it is true ! If you save seeds produced from a hybrid plant, the resulting plant  and fruit, vegetable, or flower WILL NOT produce a plant or fruit identical to the parent.

Advantages of Hybrid Seeds and Plants:

There are many advantages to creating hybrid varieties.

The most common advantages are:

" More vigorous plants

" Improved disease resistance

" Earlier maturities

" more uniform plant growth

" increased crop yields

" New flower colors

" Improved taste of fruits and vegetables

Popular Hybrids:

Here are some of the more popular hybrids:

Roses - thee are too many hybrid roses to single out a particular variety.

Corn - Silver Queen, is a white kernel sweet corn. This Hybrid is one of the most popular home garden sweet corns. Double Sweet, Kandy King, Kandy Korn, and many other "Extra" sweet varieties are hybrids.

Tomatoes - There is a wide range of delicious and juicy hybrid tomato varieties. Among them is Celebration, Beef Maestro, Container's Choice Red.

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