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How to Grow Spider Plants

Clorophytum Comosum

There's no doubt abut it...... Spider plants make great houseplants. They are easy to grow, and thrive in the indoor conditions of your home or office. This is a great plant to teach young children about growing plants, as it is easy to grow and is readily propagated.

Spider plants grow well in containers and hanging baskets. The plants produce many tiny baby spider plants. If you see a plant you like, ask the owner if you can take a baby spider off the parent plant. Then, take it home and root it in water. 

Spider plants will produce tiny white flowers with yellow centers.

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Spider Plant Propagation:

Mature Spider plants send out shoots. At the end of these shoots, tiny baby plants emerge. Remove these baby spider plants, and place the roots in water. After the roots have reached an inch or more, transplant them into a container with rich, well drained potting soil.

If you want your spider plant to produce babies, do not plant them in a big container.Mature plants produce baby spider plants, when the parent plant becomes root bound.

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How to Grow Spider Plant:

Spider plants are easy to maintain and care for. The plants grow best in well drained, rich potting soil. The soil should be well draining, as they do not like wet soil.

Apply a liquid fertilizer, or indoor houseplant fertilizer spikes, once every two to four weeks.

Spider plants do well in low light conditions. They benefit by being placed in a sunny window once or twice a week. Don't leave the plants near a window on cold nights, as they do not like cold temperatures.

The leaf tips of the plants will sometimes turn brown. This is often due to over-fertilizing or over watering. Correct problem, and then snip off the brown leaves. Your plant will soon send out new replacement leaves.

Don't be afraid to put your spider plant outdoors during the summer. Place them outside after all danger of frost has past. They will grow well in low light and shady areas of your yard.

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