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How to Grow Verbena


Verbena is an attractive, fragrant, and versatile flower, with many uses. Verbena are natives of Great Brittain. These compact, drought resistant plants find themselves at home in a wide range of places. They are used as borders and edgings. They look neat and tidy in a rock garden. They are a good fit for windowsill planters or containers on your patio or deck. They are popular in hanging baskets. And, they are used as ground cover.

Most varieties of this spreading plant are small and compact, growing to about 8 inches. There are a few varieties that grow three to four feet tall. Clusters of dainty flowers begin to bloom in early summer, and can last to fall. Brilliant colors include shades of deep violet, lavender, red, pink, cream and white, some with flirty little eyes.

Verbena will spruce up your home, inside and out. Verbena makes attractive cut flowers.

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Plant Propagation:

Verbena are grown from seed. They do not germinate easily. We recommend an indoor start, using a propagation mat, to improve germination rates. Start Verbena seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost in your area.

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How to Grow Verbena Plants:

Verbena  plants like full sun. They will grow well in rich to average soils. The soil should drain well. Mix in plenty of compost prior to planting. Add a general purpose fertilizer before planting, especially if the soil is poor.

Plant spacing depends upon variety. Small plants are spaced 12" apart. Space bigger varieties up to 2' apart.

Drought resistant plants seldom need watering.

Once the plants are established, they require little care and will spread out to cover the flower bed space you allotted for them.

Deadhead flowers to extend the blooming period.

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Insect and Disease:

 Insect and disease problems are infrequent. Apply insecticides or fungicides only as needed.

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