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How to Grow Primrose



 The best advice we can give you for this plant family is....know your Primrose. That's because this big family of flowering plants grows under varying conditions. Native to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, different varieties of Primrose thrive under widely different weather and soil conditions. Some Primrose varieties are found in and around bogs and wetlands. Other varieties can be found in semi-arid, rocky areas and hillsides. Others among this versatile flowering plant group, are native to woodlands and meadows. About the biggest thing they have in common, is that all varieties like cool weather. 

Most Primrose varieties grow one to two feet tall, and are drought tolerant. They are found in a wide variety of colors.

Primrose is good for ground cover, especially on hillsides. They look great planted in masses. Also try Primrose in windowsill planters, or containers on your patio or deck.

Plant Propagation:

Primrose  plants are started from seed. Directly sow Primrose seeds into your flower garden after all danger of frost. Or, broadcast them into fields to grow as a wildflower.

Primrose growers need patience when planting them. The seed is difficult to germinate, and takes two to four weeks, or more. We recommend they be started in a glass or plastic covered seed bed free of weeds and debris. Keep soil moist during the germination period.

You can also start them indoors.But, Primrose do not transplant well. Use of peat pellets works best. And, transplant while young. 

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How to Grow Primrose Flower Plants:

Grow Primrose plants in full sun to partial shade. They will thrive in a variety of soils. Their roots go deep, and they do not like clay soils  The soil should be well drained and kept slightly dry. They grow best in cool weather areas. Plants take 4-5 months to  first bloom, but may bloom the first year.

Water them only during extended droughts.

Established plants need little or not attention. They will reseed readily, and can become aggressive plants.

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Insect and Disease:

Insects and disease problems are uncommon. Apply insecticides or fungicide only as needed..

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