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How to Grow Phlox


Annual, Perennial

Looking for a brightly colored display of profusely blooming flowers? Try growing Phlox. This plant produces large clusters of flowers on compact plants. There are both annual and perennial varieties of this native North American flower.

Phlox plants are small and compact, growing just 8-10 inches tall. They have bright colored blossoms in shades of red, purple, scarlet, yellow, and white, some with a flirty eye.

Phlox looks great wherever you put them on display. Try them in a sunny flowerbed. Or, grow Phlox in windowsill planters, or containers on your patio or deck. They are good as cut flowers, too.

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Plant Propagation:

Phlox plants are grown from seeds. Directly sow Phlox seeds into your flower garden after all danger of frost has past.

For earlier spring blooms, start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost.

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How to Grow Phlox Plants:

Phlox plants like full sun. They prefer rich, loose, well draining soil. Mix plenty of compost into the garden space prior to planting. Add a general purpose fertilizer when planting them, then once a month after that.

Sow Phlox seeds early in the season, and cover lightly with 1/8" of fine garden or potting soil. Water thoroughly.

Transplant Phlox seedlings into your flower garden after the last frost date for your area. Space them 8-10" apart. They will tolerate a little crowding. The small plants look good as borders and edgings, and planted in mass.

Plants will grow well with little care, and few problems. Keep the soil moist to slightly dry. Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week. Keep them well weeded, or apply a thick layer of mulch for a tidy appearance. Pinch back tall stems to promote a fuller, bushier appearance.

Deadhead spent blooms to promote additional flowers, and extend the blooming period all summer long. This will also keep the appearance neat and tidy.

Phlox are hardy annuals. They will often survive the first few light frosts. They will not survive a hard frost or freeze.

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Insect and Disease:

The most common insect problem is nematodes. Use insecticides effective against this pest. Otherwise, apply insecticides or fungicides only as needed.

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