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How to Grow Jacob's Ladder


Perennials, some Annuals

Jacob's Ladder plants are noted for their bright green leaves on ladder-like stems. They are native to North American woodlands. Growing 1-2 feet tall, the plant produces loose clusters of blue, bell shaped leaves from spring to mid summer.  Plants are prolific growers and reseed readily.

We are uncertain of the origin of their name. It's most likely due to the stems which appear to resemble a ladder. Being a native of North America, it is unlikely to be from the biblical reference to Jacob's Ladder.

Jacob's Ladder will look great in wooded back yards, and areas of light shade. Try Jacobs' Ladder as borders and edgings in your shade garden.

Biblical Roots? According to the Bible, in1352 B.C., Jacob the grandson of Abraham, and twin brother of Esau. In a dream, he saw a ladder extending from earth to heaven. On it were angels from God. There is no reference however, to Jacob's Ladder the flower.

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Plant Propagation:

Grow Jacob's Ladder from seed. Directly sow Jacob's Ladder seeds into your flower garden after all danger of frost. Or, broadcast seeds along the edges of woodlands and other trees ares.

For garden plantings, cover the seeds lightly with 1/8" of garden soil. Final spacing should be 18 inches apart.

You can also propagate Jacob's Ladder by division of established plants in the fall..

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How to Grow Jacob's Ladder:

Grow Jacob's Ladder in partial shade. They will also do well in full sun. They prefer a rich, well drained soil. Improve average soils prior to planting with compost and/or manure.

Soil should be well draining. Keep soil moist. Water frequently, as needed.

Apply a general purpose fertilizer once or twice a season.

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Insect and Disease:

Insects and disease problems are infrequent. Apply insecticides or fungicides as needed.

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