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How to Grow Honesty Flowers

The Money Plant



Here's a favorite flower of kids and adults alike. It's popularly nicknamed the "Money Plant". More formally, it's known as "Honesty", and also "Lunaria". So, why do people like them? Kid's like them because when dried, the gold colored seed pods resemble silver dollars. Adults and crafters like the long stems covered with seed pods. When dried, these golden goodies look great in craft projects or grouped in vases all by themselves, or mixed with other dried flowers.

Honesty flowers are biennials. They bloom the second year after planting. Once planted, they reseed readily. Honesty flowers are very easy to grow, with few problems, and with little care.

Did you Know? Scientists are researching the use of Honesty plants in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. 

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Plant Propagation:

Honesty are grown from seeds. Sow seeds directly into the garden early in the season. Cover lightly with garden soil. They germinate easily and will grow tall plants with big, green leaves in the first year.

Plant Honesty flowers in a location where they can grow for years. After blooming, they will reseed the flower bed in a prolific manner.

Tip: Because Lunaria are biennials, if you want flowers every year, you have to plant them two years in a row.

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How to Grow Honesty Flowers:

Honesty germinates readily, reseeds itself in the flowerbed, and requires little, if no care. They grow in most soils. They tolerate light shade.

Like any plants, they will respond to enriching the soil, and regular applications of fertilizer.

Water plants during dry weather

Mulch around the plants will enhance the appearance, and help to retain moisture during dry periods.

Flowers appear on the second year after planting .They grow on long stems. Flat green seed pods develop after flowering. The seed pods eventually dry into a golden brown color. For dried flower arrangements, cut the stalks low to the ground. Work carefully so you do not break the pods off the stalks.

Leave some seed pods to reseed the flowerbed.

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Insect and Disease:

Honesty plants have few problems with insects and disease. Apply insecticides or fungicides, only as needed.

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