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How to Grow Broom Corn


Annual, Zea Mays

Broom corn is not a true corn plant. While they are grown like sweet corn, they do not produce ears of corn. They are grass-like plants, that are grown to produce old fashioned brooms. The fan-shaped blooms are popular in fall decorating projects. The dried stalks are often included in floral displays with pumpkins and gourds. They also look great by themselves, as dried flowers.

Did You Know: Broom corn stems are so strong, that they can be used as stakes.

Plant Height: 8 - 12 feet.


Plant Propagation:

Grow Broom Corn plants from seeds.They are grown very similar to Sweet Corn. Directly sow seeds into your garden, after the last frost, and when the soil has warmed. Germination is poor in cool soils.

Grow plants in rows three feet apart. Final spacing for plants is 6" - 12" apart. Planting in blocks (3 to 4 rows), helps to maximize pollination.

Days to Germination: 7-14


How to Grow Broom Corn Plants:

Grow Broom Corn plants in full sun, in a rich soil that holds moisture, yet drains well.

These plants are heavy feeders. Mix plenty of compost and manure into your garden prior to planting. Fertilize once every 2 -3 weeks during the growing season.

Keep the soil  well-watered. Water deeply to about 5 inches, as the roots grow deep.

Plant Maturity: 110 days.


Harvesting Broom Corn

Harvest plants for making brooms when the peduncles turn completely from yellow to pale green, prior to seed maturity.


Insect and Disease:

Insect can be a problem, especially corn earworm. Apply insecticides, as needed.

Fungal Smut can occur. Remove affected plants.

Blights and rots are not uncommon in wet weather.




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