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How to Grow Foxglove


Biennial or Perennial

Are you thinking of growing Foxglove for the first time? You'll thoroughly enjoy these stately flowers. But, you will need patience, as Foxglove will not blossom until the second year. However, the reward is certainly be worth the wait! Foxglove plants are native to woodland areas of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. They will do well in light shade. They are a great to help establish a natural setting in your back yard.

Foxglove produces long, leafy spikes with bell-shaped blooms. Blooms open in early summer the second year after planting. Colors include in various shades of white, pink, rose, cream  crimson and maroon.

Caution: Foxglove leaves are poisonous. Keep children and pets away from Foxglove plants.


Plant Propagation:

Foxglove are started from seed. Directly sow Foxglove seeds into your flower garden after all danger of frost. Or, broadcast seeds into fields, to grow as a wildflower. When grown in the garden, cover lightly with 1/8" of garden soil. Final spacing should be 24".


How to Grow Foxglove:

Grow Foxglove  plants in full sun to partial shade. They grow best in cool weather areas. Plant in rich to average soils. With lots of moisture and fertilizer, they will grow quickly to a height of 2 to 5 feet, depending upon the variety.

Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week. Adding a general purpose fertilizer once a month will result in bigger plants and blooms.

Cut blooms just before they reach their peak. Place several of them in a vase, or arrange  with other flowers.


Insect and Disease:

Insects and disease problems are uncommon. Apply insecticides or fungicide only as needed..




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