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How to Grow Coreopsis Flowers



Coreopsis is a member of the Aster family. This plant is also called "Tickseed" or "Calliopsis". Most varieties are perennials, with some annual varieties. They are natives of plains in the U.S.

Coreopsis produces daisy like flowers. Flowers grow on sturdy stalks that grow from 1 1/2' to 4' tall. Brilliant colors include yellow, gold,  red, maroon, or a combination of these colors .

Coreopsis gets it's name from the Greek word for "bug". It was given this name because its dried, flat fruit resembles a bug.

The Coreopsis flower attracts butterflies. Songbirds like the pods filled with seed. 

Coreopsis makes excellent cut flowers.


Plant Propagation:

Grow Coreopsis from seed. Directly sow seed into your flower garden in early spring. Sow seeds covering lightly with coarse or sandy soil. Keep the soil moist until they germinate, about one of two weeks.

Coreopsis can also be grown from division or cuttings.

Final spacing for the plants is about 12" apart.

Healthy plants bloom approximately 60 days after planting.


How to Grow Coreopsis Plants:

Coreopsis are easy to grow. Grow Coreopsis in full to partial sun. Once established, they will thrive for years.  

They grow well in average soils.  Soil should be well draining. Mix in plenty of compost prior to the first planting. Give them a boost with a dose of fertilizer once or twice a season

This versatile plant grows in dry or wet climates. Water only during extended droughts.

The strong stems do not require staking.

Deadhead flowers to promote additional blooms.


Insect and Disease:

The most common insect problems are aphids and beetles. Disease problems include leaf spot, rusts, and wilt.

If insect or disease problems occur, treat with insecticides or fungicide as appropriate.




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